I'm not exactly a Whovian, I'm kind of like Whovian lite. I enjoy Doctor Who, and I know a lot more than the average person you would just pull off the street. However, I haven't watched nearly every episode and I don't know basically the whole timeline like my younger brother and some of my friends. Thus, I'm a Whovian lite.
This is the way things generally seem to be for me. I'm not "hardcore" anything. It makes me sort of guilty for attaching terms to myself, like "browncoat", "otaku", "gamer", "nerdfighter", "youtuber", "sims fan", etc. As much as I am a part of a group of fans, I never seem to go to the next level. For example, I really like dolls. Ball-jointed dolls, Barbie dolls, older dolls, art dolls, even just plastic miniatures, but I don't reach the level of collector. I can't recognize a particular type as soon as I see it, I just decide whether or not it really interests me. *sigh* 
I guess sometimes I just feel like I don't belong anywhere. I am so tragic.

Oh, but back to the point of this. I finished watching "The Beast Below" (being a Whovian lite, I wait for it to air on BBC America), and something about it was just kind of . . . off. It started off like it would be very creepy, but it seemed like some of the elements that had made it so mysterious and creepy where just sort of left out. Like the spinning heads that are either happy or angry. We didn't really find out what their specific purpose was or how they were controlled or why getting a zero was so bad, or a whole lot of other things. Also, I'm finding some of the themes too obvious, like the "0" and the crack. Still, I'm looking forward to the next episode. 

Pictures below from my BBC America's Doctor Who premier party. Just a small group of people hanging out to watch the new season officially start in the U.S.

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